Household Drains

Household Drain

A household drain can seem like a convenient way to get rid of unwanted liquid waste. Drains aren’t designed to accommodate these materials. You may end up with a nasty clog and the need for a professional plumber to resolve the problem at your expense.

It’s simpler and less expensive to keep things that don’t belong in your drains out of your drains in the first place. Here’s a list of top items to never put down the drain:

·       Grease and fat

·       Coffee grounds

·       Egg Shells

·       Rice and pasta products. These foods do not disintegrate but swell inside your pipes, eventually obstructing flow.

·       Hair. It’s another ingredient of the sludge that forms inside plumbing and causes clogs. Place hair strainers over drains.

·       Cat litter. This is very water-absorbent and thus extremely hard to clear out of your plumbing once it causes a clog.

·       Nail polish remover and other solvents. Prescription and over-the-counter medicine and personal care products.

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