Vacation Planning Checklist for your Home

Jim Russell Plumbing, Heating & Air has developed a list of items to check before leaving on vacation.

Washing Machine

  • Turn off the water to your washing machine


  • Turn water off to the ice maker

Faucets and Pipes

  • A slow dripping faucet could fill up your sink - make sure all drains are working properly
  • Turn off all outside faucets
  • Or shut off the water to your house

Energy Vampires

  • Unplug all unnecessary electronics and appliances - even the smallest uses energy while plugged in. Example: Televisions, lamps, coffee pot, phone charger & alarm clocks.


  • Install timers on your indoor lights to mimic someone being home
  • Instead of leaving outdoor lights on all day long, install motion detector lights


Be sure to increase the temperature of your thermostat, you don't want to be cooling an empty house all week long. If you are interested in a programable or Wi-Fi thermostat please contact us at 317.873.5773