Thanksgiving plumbing problems and ways to avoid them

As Thanksgiving approaches, we would like to remind you of some common holiday plumbing problems and ways to avoid them. It is always the same typical plumbing problems every Thanksgiving.

  • Kitchen sink drain clogs
  • Damaged garbage disposals
  • Overflowing toilets and drains

While we are happy to serve our customers, our customers can take extra steps to prepare for plumbing emergencies.

Here are some tips to avoid Thanksgiving plumbing problems at home

  • Double check that all bathrooms have toilet bowl plungers. If the clog is really bad, we recommend that you DON’T try homemade chemicals.
  • During cooking and cleanup keep FOG in mind. FOG is an acronym for Fats, Oils and Grease. Never pour any of these down your sink or toilets.
  •  Your disposal can be a handy tool, but it can only handle so much at a time. Keep all fibrous foods, grease, rice, pasta and bones out of the disposal.

Jim Russell Plumbing, Heating & Air wishes you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!